Who owned the Packers before
public shares were sold?

The Green Bay Packers became a community-owned non-profit organization in August of 1923. Today there are over 100,000 shareholders — most who have their stock certificates proudly displayed.

But, up until now, no Packers fan could display the original NFL Franchise Certificate for the Green Bay Football Club.

This certificate was issued on August 22, 1922 for a franchise fee of $250 ($50 of which was invested by Curly Lambeau) and was signed by the first NFL president, Joseph Carr.

This incredible piece of Packers history, hidden away for decades, is now available as a frameable copy, printed on parchment paper with a quarter inch backing.

Order yours today for display next to your Packers stock certificate, as a stand-alone indication of your support for the Green Bay Packers, or as a special gift for all of the Packer fans in your life.

When we first showed this item to Packers fans, they told us a fair price would be $49.95. However, in celebration of the new stock offering and because we want every Packer fan to have the original Packers NFL Franchise Certificate hanging on their wall, the price right now is just $29.95, plus shipping and handling.

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