Become a sponsor of the
first-ever Keeping Green Bay
History Alive party

  • Align your business with (still) the #1 team in sports*

  • Reward your employees/customers

  • Get cost-effective advertising


We would like you to be one of our exclusive sponsors
to the inaugural Keeping Green Bay History Alive Party

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To help make this event a rousing success, we will:

  • Advertise your business through our print, online, email, signage and media event promotions and highly-visible recognition during the event.
  • Enable you to show your support after the event for preserving and protecting the history of the Green Bay Packers and the Neville Public Museum via a Proud Sponsor graphic for display on your website and a wall plaque for display in your business.
  • Align with business with a winning legacy.
  • Provide your business with a valuable advertising package as a bonus benefit for becoming a sponsor (see attached).
  • Ensure you have priority status as a sponsor next year.

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If you are interested in become sponsor of this first-ever event, please contact either Rich Fercy or Rolf Johnson — or submit the form below. If you aren’t interested in becoming a sponsor but would still like to come to the party, please visit: to sign up.

Rich Fercy –
Phone: 920-209-7463

Rolf Johnson – Neville Public Museum
Phone: 920-448-7843
Email: / Neville Public Museum Foundation
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Don’t miss this opportunity to align your business with the
#1 team in sports, reward your employees/customers
and get cost-effective advertising.

*  Newsflash December 22, 2011New Survey identifies the *
* Green Bay Packers as the United State’s most favorite team in the *
* NFL (Packers – 22%, Cowboys – 11%, Bears – 8%, Steelers – 8%) *