Monty McMahon
Monty McMahon is the editor of He also runs the Packers blog, as well as several other websites. He provides daily updates to

Scott Schalin
Scott Schalin is the former editor of and is currently writing a book with NFL on FOX insider Jay Glazer. He is a frequent, featured contributor to

Eric Goska
Eric Goska has written the Packers column ‘By the Numbers’ for the Green Bay Press-Gazette since 1994. Three editions of his book, Packer Legends in Facts, were published in the 1990s. In 2002 and 2003, the statistical encyclopedia was reworked and released under the title A Measure of Greatness. Eric contributes features and This Date In Packers History to

Nicholas Spiller
Nicholas Spiller resides in LA, where he dreams of musical super-stardom and Packers glory. He also writes for In addition to covering the Green Bay Packers for, he writes about soccer and Carolina basketball.

Rich Fercy
Rich Fercy is part of the team that originally conceived the new He contributes exclusive player interviews and event coverage.